Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What does travelling mean for you?

Like Editor of Trave free magazine said:

Travelling is not only about seeing beautiful places,
Not only about telling stories, "I've been here, been there"
Not only about taking pictures and display them on Friendster (Honestly, I always do this :-D -Red)
If you want, travelling can also do something good for your love and life

(He suggests to travel with your dearest one - aka Couple in order to know him/her well. Unfortunately, I don't have any)

For me, travelling means.....

Get the traditional handicraft from the place you been there

I really love Batik and I am happy to get the Batik in Giriloyo, Imogiri, Bantul

Meet your old friends...

I am happy to meet my friend in Jogja, Annisa (center). I went to her house in Kotagede and had a nice time in her house :-)

Meet a new friend...

We met Subash, an employee from McDermott company in Taman Sari. He is from Indian, works in Singapore but he is assigned in Jakarta.

See an interesting and historical place...

Know my travelmate more intense

Satisfy my hobby.... camera addict :-D

And also.....just refresh your mind, refresh your thought and maybe you should be rethinking about everything, love, career, family, etc. Like me.... :-)


nico wijaya said...

waaa kejogja ga bilang-bilangg.

Anonymous said...

selalu mendapatkan pelajaran dari setiap perjalanan yang aku lakukan. tentang banyak hal. tentang apa pun..


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